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Snello For Sale!

Mini Snello Kits

$6 each or buy 6 get one free for $36. Can fit up to 7 kits in a small priority flat rate box. Shipping $8.50 in the continental USA only.

I started making this for my own snails when I occasionally just didn’t have time to whip out the blender and fresh veggies. Only the best ingredients used: NO FILLERS –

INGREDIENTS: organic mulberry leaves, organic kelp, spirulina, pure krill powder, black soldierfly larvae and calcium. Just mix with water, microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds and pour into a silicone mold of your choice. Kit includes snello powder and measuring vial. Rabbit and mystery snails love this and each batch is tested on my own snails 🙂

Each kit makes about 4oz of snello. Can be refrigerated or frozen depending on how fast you will use it.

Snello powder and measuring vial
Snails eating snello from a kit
Snails eating snello from a kit

Cleaning a rabbit snail (tylomelania) aquarium

Cleaning my rabbit snail aquariums takes some special consideration. While mystery snails and ramshorns will happily mob food at one end of the aquarium while I carefully clean, this isn’t always true of rabbit snails. Rabbit snails eat until they are very full, and then can sleep for a few days. When resting, they often burrow under the aquarium gravel and hide behind the sponge filters. Females also do this right before giving birth to a baby.

To keep them as safe as possible from injury, I very carefully rake the gravel with my fingers and remove every single rabbit snail I can find and place them gently in a bucket. Then I can safely gravel vacuum their aquarium and put them back as soon as the debris settles again.

I also squeeze the sponge filters in a separate bucket to break up the bio-film and make sure they aren’t clogged and that water is still flowing through them well and replace filter media as needed.

Yellow rabbit snails in a bucket while there aquarium is being gravel vacuumed.
Yellow rabbit snails in a bucket while there aquarium is being gravel vacuumed.