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Ordering Snails and Shipping

Ordering Snails

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Minimum Order: $25
Please send a message below to order snails . See below message form for additional information and policies.

Shipping Snails

Shipping is non-refundable once the snails have been shipped!

My snails are very special little critters to me. I take care to properly ship them to you in a seamless styrofoam box, outer cardboard box labeled rush, perishable and etc. The snails are placed in specially ordered cups or tubes with wet paper towels or a little water (baby rabbit and ramshorn snails) so that they will not bounce around and have cracked shells by the time they reach you (See how I ship my mystery and adult/juvenile rabbit snails). Mystery snails and rabbit snails have a respiratory organ similar to a lung so this is perfectly safe for them to be out of water for a few days as long as they are kept very moist with wet paper towels.

It is very rare to have any snails die in transit but to guard against this possibility, I try to include 1 extra snail per 5 ordered for ramshorn and mystery snails. I do not always include extra rabbit snails because they very rarely die.

Free snails do not count towards a refund. If you order 10 snails, and I send 12 and 2 die, no refund will be issued. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Shipping is $15 for as many snails as you like You are welcome to mix and match snails to hit the $25 minimum order. For winter shipping, your day/night temperatures must not be lower than 33 degrees because the heat packs may fail at lower temperatures.

Snails will ONLY be shipped within the
Excluding MAINE where all aquatic snails are illegal.
Mystery snails are illegal in Mississippi (all apple snails are).

I am not responsible for any losses due to snails being left out in the hot or cold after delivery!

Payment is by PayPal only unless you are local and then you are welcome to pay cash when you pick up your snails.

Receiving Your Snails

Mystery Snails and Adult or Juvenile Rabbit Snails:

  • Carefully remove the snail cup(s) from the box
  • place the cup in an inch or so of the water you will be putting the snails into (water should be dechlorinated).
  • After 15 minutes you can add a table spoon or so to the cup the snails came in to help wake them up. Wait 15 more minutes and then it is safe to gently place the snails in a container of water as below.
  • Place the snails at one end in a plastic shoe box or critter keeper¬† filled with aquarium water and a fish food tablet in the middle. Using this method the snails are often moving within a few minutes to a few hours. They are hungry when they arrive so most snails will head towards food fairly quickly. Once they are up and moving you can safely move them to your aquarium.

Ramshorn and BABY Rabbit Snails

  • Float tubes in your aquarium for 15 minutes
  • Carefully pour the snails into a container and add a little of your aquarium water every 15 minutes until half the water has been replaced. Then it should be safe to add the snails to your aquarium.
  • Baby rabbit snails should ideally be kept in a plastic fish breeder box with a top (they will crawl out) and a piece of cuttlebone so that you can monitor them and make sure they are getting enough to eat and enough calcium for a couple months. They will burrow into your substrate and larger fish may also eat them if you release them into your aquarium at the size they are shipped.

Aquatic snails for sale in North Central Florida

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