ivory and blue pea sized mystery snails

Current Snails for Sale and Policiesi

Updated 8/1/20

Questions? Want to order some snails? Send a message!

Note: Min order $25 before shipping.

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Rabbit Snails

Spotted adult rabbit snails: $10 each


WYSIWG orange adult rabbits (2 available) $15 each


Group of 4 chocolate rabbit snails $25

Mystery Snails

Dark foot purple Mystery snails. Small Pea size – $5

Ask- these sell quickly and there is often a waiting list.


White – Ivory Mystery snails. Pea size – $3


Ivory mystery snail babies

Gold- a few available- $3

Chestnut- a few available- $4

Wild- a few available- $3

Wild colored pea size mystery snail

Magenta Mystery snails. Pea size – $4

Ask – these tend to sell quickly.

*$5 if I happen to have dark purple or burgundy



I do not hold snails for people unless they have been paid for.

I accept PayPal goods and services payments only. If you sent friends and family, I will refund and ask you to pay again. I print the shipping labels through PayPal and your address will not come through with a friends and family payment.  Please pay for the snails you request immediately once you receive the PayPal request in your email.

All orders placed by Saturday will be shipped Monday or Tuesday. If you order Sunday, you will have to wait until the following week for them to be shipped.



$15 priority mail with tracking. Includes heat or ice pack if needed.  I ship on Mondays or Tuesday’s. You are responsible for your local laws and regulations regarding aquatic snails. If they aren’t legal where you live, please do not order them.

IMPORTANT: Shipping is non-refundable once the snails have been shipped as the postal service will not refund the cost once they are in possession of the package.

Shipping Box
shipping box

DOA policy:

You must notify me within 2 hours of delivery WITH photographs of any dead snails. DOAs are incredibly rare for me as I pack the snails very well. I am not responsible if you leave your snails out in the heat or cold after they have been delivered. If you cannot be home, have them delivered to your work or held at your post office. I will replace any DOA snails if available and YOU PAY SHIPPING AGAIN OR refund the cost of the snails (not shipping) at my discretion. If replacements are available, you must pay shipping again.

Aquatic snails for sale in North Central Florida

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