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Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snails for sale! – Tylomelania

Small numbers of baby yellow spotted rabbit snails for sale.

Yellow spotted babies are $15 each. Size is typically 1/4″. Min order: $25. Can be mixed with other available snails to reach this amount.

Shipping is $15 no matter how many snails you buy (you can add yellow rabbit snail babies or ramshorns to your order at no additional shipping cost).

IMPORTANT It’s best to only ship if it is 40 degrees or higher where you live. Heat packs can fail at lower temperatures. Please do not order if it is too cold where you live. Wait until it warms up enough that it is safe for the snails.

Baby Yellow Rabbit Snails for Sale – Tylomelania / Sulawesi Snails


Very limited # of Baby Yellow Rabbit snails for sale  – 1/4″ or slightly larger.  3/$25 OR BUY 7 – GET 1 FREE for $50

Limited number of juvenile yellow rabbit snails  available.

Minimum order $25. Shipping available via priority mail with tracking number within the Continental USA (excluding Maine): $15
Please contact me if interested.

Below is a photo of a couple of my adults (not for sale – pictured so that you can see what the babies may look like when older).  Yellow rabbit snail babies typically will grow up to be some shade of yellow.  Occasionally other colors can occur such as white or brown.

Adult Yellow Rabbit Snails – Tylomelania / sulawesi / rabbit snails found in pet stores, are usually wild caught which can deplete native populations. The babies I offer are tank raised with no impact on the wild population 🙂  Rabbit snails can live for 2-4 years and are easy to care for. They love snello / snail jello, algae wafers, some vegetables such as frozen/thawed cut green beans and left over fish food, the will eat some algae but need to be fed regularly to thrive.  The do best if you offer a calcium source such as weco wonder shells or plain white bird cuttlebone in the aquarium for them for proper shell growth.

Adult Yellow Rabbit snails
Adult Yellow Rabbit Snails – Tylomelania / sulawesi snails

Yellow Spotted Rabbit Snail – Tylomelania / Sulawesi Snails

It’s been a rough road trying to acquire the yellow spotted rabbit snail over the last two years. I am up to 5 adults and 15 juveniles made up of the rare petstore find and a few purchased from other hobbyists online. I have not succeeded in finding any additional adults that may be old enough to breed. Hopefully with some patience, the juvenile snails will grow up to form a small breeding group. The current adults may possibly all be the same gender because I haven’t seen any proof of breeding despite the fact that they seem to like my aquarium conditions (they are quite active and dive in with the mystery snails to eat snello and vegetables such as cut organic green beans). The photographs below show the variety of patterning on this species as well as the unique antennae coloration.

Gorontalo Rabbit Snails – Tylomelania / Sulawesi Snails

I am somewhat fascinated with rabbit snails and have a few orange posos, yellows, yellow spotted and now… the unexpected. GORONTALO RABBIT SNAILS.

I have been begging a local pet store to get orange rabbit snails for me because I have been hoping to setup an orange poso breeding group. Sadly I have only managed to get 4 of them in the last year and a half…

This week,  I was pleasantly surprised, not only to find that they had managed to get in 6 orange rabbit snails, but that they appear to be the rare Gorontalo rabbit snail.  All 6 of these beautiful snails came home with me and they will be living in a 60 gallon aquarium. I am hoping they will breed for me, with time, since they are so incredibly rare. Like all rabbit snails they will only produce around 1 baby per month per female. There is no way to sex them so I just have to wait and see if I have both males and females in the group. Time will tell.

Below are a few more pictures of these unusual rabbit snails.

Gorontalo Rabbit Snails
Gorontalo Rabbit Snails
Gorontalo Rabbit Snail
Gorontalo Rabbit Snail
Gorontalo Rabbit Snail
Gorontalo Rabbit Snail
Gorontalo Rabbit Snail
Gorontalo Rabbit Snail
Gorontalo Rabbit Snails
Gorontalo Rabbit Snails