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Baby Purple Mystery Snails

It’s been awhile since I have actively tried to raise any mystery snails  due to space and time constraints. However, I have had 3 egg clutches hatch starting on Valentine’s Day 2/14/20. The babies are ivory, blue, magenta and dark foot purple. Below is one of the mother snails. Keep an eye out and I will post on my available page when they are ready to go to new homes.

4 day old dark foot purple mystery snails
4 day old dark foot purple mystery snails
Dark footed purple mystery snail female
Dark footed purple mystery snail female

Sexing Mystery Snails

How to Tell the Gender of A Mystery Snail

  1. Find a comfortable spot with good lighting
  2. Take your chosen mystery snail out of the water (don’t worry, they have a lung and can breathe air — this does not harm them at all as long as they aren’t kept out of the water for a long period of time).
  3. Sit down and hold the mystery snail on its back between your thumb and forefinger in a slightly vertical position.
  4. Wait… wait some more… wait some more. In all sincerity this takes an incredible amount of patience because the snail could come out in 5 minutes, 30 minutes or not at all.
  5. Gender can be identified when the snail comes far out of its shell (see photos below for how far).
  6. Look at the snail’s RIGHT shoulder.  (The left side of each image as you look at the photos on your screen)
  7. On a female you will see what looks like two holes on either shoulder just under the shell.
  8. On a male, you will see the sheath mostly blocking the hole on the snail’s right shoulder side (left as you look at the photo on your screen).

Female Mystery Snails:

Male Mystery Snails:

Mystery Snail Egg Development

Mystery snail eggs can take anywhere from 10 days to 4 weeks to hatch. How long they take to hatch depends on different factors including temperature, humidity  and even size of the clutch (larger clutches take longer to break down causing it to take longer for the snails to be able to escape the eggs into the water.

My egg clutches are kept in a warm room so they typically hatch in 14 days. The eggs of two clutches were photographed each day until hatching so that you can see how they change over time. The most common question I hear is are my eggs fertile and do they look like they will hatch.

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